Nonprofit Alley

At our Nonprofit Alley advocacy evolves organically and networks are strengthened and expanded.
— Gregory Howell | Creative Consultant

Coworking, Shared Resources, and Collaboration

Watertower Place is opening a unique co-working space called the “Nonprofit Alley”. We know that seemingly disparate organizations—an arts group and a entrepreneurial start-up group, for example—collaborate on awesome projects right in our building now. When you’re working just feet away from a variety of people trying to make an impact, collaboration is bound to happen.

Many of our members realize that they are ‘better together.’ Being able to have inter-organizational interactions within your own office is incredibly advantageous. In our spaces advocacy evolves organically and networks are strengthened and expanded.

Coworking is an essential and growing trend throughout the world and we find that …

Image: Surge Tacoma

Image: Surge Tacoma

  • Coworking Members Are Happier

  • Coworking Members Are More Motivated

  • Coworking Members Collaborate

  • Coworking Members Share Resources

  • Coworking Members Give More Back to Mission

To learn more about how you can take advantage of Shared Coworking Space at the Nonprofit Alley, complete and submit the following form to our team. Thank you.

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