Graffiti Art


graffiti art at watertower place

We are participating in a very special publishing project highlighting Pueblo's rich history, culture and arts from the perspective of graffiti art. In particular this book features over 50 artworks found throughout Watertower Place which will be preserved as part of our commitment to Pueblo. The book cover art features a rarely seen masterwork by Refic which was painted in one of the ovens used to smoke the meats at the former Nuckolls Packing Co. This is of one of his early monsters which evolved into his critically acclaimed self assessment coloring book called 'Meet Your Monsters'.

'Graffiti Art at Watertower Place' includes a foreword by Refic and Creatures Crew and an introduction covering over 100 years of history of the historic property from Nuckolls Packing Company to Alpha Beta. The book will be printed in both hard and soft cover editions and available at Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and to independent booksellers via Ingram.