Food Accessibility at Watertower Place

At Watertower Place we make food accessibility a priority in the Grove and our Urban Farm on the West Terraces is just one example of how we are aligning farming programs with our restaurants, cafes and other food manufacturing and service providers. 



Keeping the Grove, Watertower Place and the Riverwalk green is critical to ensuring happy, healthy and sustainable future. The surrounding grounds of Watertower Place are conveniently located adjacent to Gateway Park on the Riveralk and soon will have a new crossing at the Levee Promenade. Puebloi-based Trees Please is helping us green up the former meat packing plant and the surround rail yards. 


railroad legacy

Watertower Place is located at the epicenter of Pueblo's historic railway lines which still dot the landscape of Pueblo. Using the vision and design excellence of the Highline Redevelopment Project in New York City, Watertower Place will re-purpose many of its railroad legacy artifacts like actual rail crossings, dining and box cars, and signs and lighting accents. Rail will continue to have a major role in the ongoing economic development and growth of Pueblo.